Manga Translation Battle Vol.7 FAQ

May I reference an English version of one of the works I have read in the past?

As that translation is not the only possible translation of the Japanese, you are free to use it as a reference if you think it is appropriate, but we ask that you endeavor to create a translation that is your own.

Should applications be made with the text separated for each individual page?

Please submit a translation for all pages to be translated at once.

Can I get help from dictionaries or from the Internet?

You may use dictionaries, and you may use the Internet in place of a dictionary, but please refrain from using translations from machine translation tools such as Google Translate as-is in large amounts.

May I have friends, such as Japanese people, help me with my translation?

You may receive advice from friends, but as the applicant him or herself is the one being judged, please make submissions that are an accurate reflection of your own abilities.

What should I do if it is unclear who is speaking in the manga?

Please determine for yourself who is speaking and translate it in a way that makes it easy for readers to understand what is happening.

An “Invalid Encoding” Error popped up when uploading my file. How can I change the file format to UTF-8 correctly?

If you’d like some help saving as a UTF-8 file, below are instructions on how to update your file to the correct formatting.


1. Open TextEdit
2. Select “Make Plaint Text”.
3. Copy and paste the data from your already finished file into the Plain Text document.
4. Save >Set “Plain Text Encoding” to “Unicode (UTF-8)”
5. Save it as a .txt file


1. Open NotePad
2. Copy and paste the data from your already finished file into the empty NotePad.
3. Save As > Select UTF-8 from the “Encoding” drop down menu.
4. Save it as a .txt file