Privacy Policy

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How your data is handled
Manga Translation Battle (“MTB” or “we”) will handle your information carefully.

1.Personal information
“Personal information” refers to your personal information relevant to MTB, including your name, date of birth and other information that may serve for personal identification purposes. (If any additional information could be readily used for personal identification, it may be included too.)
2.Purpose of personal information use

MTB will use your information for the following purposes:

To contact applicants in order to inform them of the results of MTB.
For the creation of a network of translators with the Digital Comic Association at its core.

Personal information related to senders of submitted queries will be used in order to respond to any queries received.

Personal information of participants in the Award Ceremony and Symposium will be used in order to organize the Award Ceremony and Symposium and for communication related to the Award Ceremony and Symposium.

3.Entrustment of private information
For the purposes outlined in Section 2, MTB may entrust all or part of the collected personal information to a trustee. If that is the case, a general agreement regarding the entrustment of private information will be made, and the trustee will be supervised in a sufficient and appropriate manner.
4.Information sharing
Personal information will be shared between the Digital Comic Association and Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs (MTB’s sponsors) and Dentsu (MTB’s administrator).

MTB bears no responsibility in the following cases:

  • 1.The applicant has disclosed his or her personal information to a third party through MTB or a different means.
  • 2.The applicant has been identified by information disclosed to MTB.
6.Statistical analysis
MTB may create statistical data by processing collected personal information that does not directly identify you. This data can be used by MTB without limitations.
7.How MTB collects and uses your user attributes and behavior history
In order to customize advertising and our services, MTB may collect and use your personal information (specified in the examples below) that does not directly identify you. This includes advertising by our affiliated companies.
Collected behavior history includes cookies, accessed URLs and contents and other action history. User attributes include your gender, occupation and age.
8.Changes to the Privacy Policy
MTB reserves the right to change all or part of the Privacy Policy. Please refer to our website for any changes.
9.Contact information